Wings is the social justice ministry of Kempton Assembly of God. As a Christian community, Wings...

  • Endeavours to provide access to comprehensive social services for those in economic and social crisis.
  • Seeks to enable people in need within our community to more fully support and nurture themselves and their families so that they can move out of poverty.
  • Further supports actions that lead to a healthy and caring society, free of the oppression of poverty in its various forms.

To achieve this, the following initiatives are pursued:

  1. Food Pantry 
  2. Empowerment initiatives (e.g. training, capacity building etc)
  3. Clothing/Blanket distribution (including school uniforms + others)
  4. Assisting with those in institutions (e.g. rehabilitation centres, drop-in centres, orphanages etc)
  5. Participation with other stakeholders in community outreaches
  6. Confidential HIV Testing, Counselling & Support Mechanisms.